July 18th Robotics Coach’s Blog

U Design: We just finished a great two weeks helping out with College of Engineering U-Design Camp.  Divya, Neil, Nimish, Max, Buzy, and Simon were a great help as assistant teachers!   Many thanks to Jordan and Lenny for giving a great tour and a demo with our Scorpion.   Our new head of school, Ari Betof stopped by on the last day to say hello.


MassPep: The MassPep program this summer has been going well, teaching LEGO Robotics at Roxbury Community College.  If any of our younger students would like to help with this let me know.

VEX: We will keep meeting on Sundays and Wednesdays to do work on our VEX robots.  The new VEX playing field materials are ready to order as soon as we have finished cleaning and organizing the lab. Also a reminder for our entering freshmen, that until you have received safety training you are not allowed to use the power tools.

CAD: We are continuing to learn Computer Aided Design on Monday evenings thanks to the mentorship of Sam Duffley.

Tech Savvy: On Monday morning, July 20 we are doing a LEGO NXT robotics workshop for the Tech Savvy Camp.  We will be building the NXT Tassiebots on Sunday.  We will be meeting in Photonics 113 with the campers and can use some more help.

We have been asked to do a demo for a north shore science camp on Tuesday July 21.  If we can get the comms back online for Scorpion it would be great to do this.

Demo for Artemis Camp: We have a Scorpion demo for the Artemis camp on Tuesday July 28 in the afternoon.

Boston Scientific Demo: Tues Aug 18th: We have a full day demo scheduled our at Boston Scientific on August 18th and I am collecting volunteers for this event.

Boston Greenfest is coming Fri Aug 21 and Sat Aug 22 and we have a demo opportunity there.

The Tinkerfaire is at the Boston Children’s Museum on Sunday Aug 23 and again we have been asked to demo Scorpion from 11 AM to 4 pm.