July 23 Robot Coaches Blog

In BUTODAY there is a nice new article about the new College of Engineering specialization in Robotics.  BU does a lot of work with drones and quadcopters.

CAD Workshop:  This coming Monday at 7PM at 15 Saint Mary’s Street.  Please sign up in advance on the doodle: http://doodle.com/7c6qu29rt45mh34c

Tech Savvy Success: We gave a nice workshop last week to the girls from Tech Savvy.  Photos on the way. 

VEX Work: I was very pleased to see the great condition of the lab!  This is the kind of cleaned up lab which makes me happy!  Things are looking better and I will now order some toys.  Let us try and keep up with the engineering notebook and use the forum to document our work!  Many thanks to Nell, Evelyn, Courtney and whoever else helped to clean up the lab!

Comms issues on Scorpion:  After our last demo we realized we had some serious comms issues.  Many thanks to Dave, Paul, and Michael for getting Scorpion ready for our upcoming demonstrations.  It is on the list to get a new laptop for running the FRC robot.

Artemis demonstration:We have a Scorpion demo for the Artemis camp on Tuesday July 28 at 2PM.  Meet up at the lab.

Tour of the GE Aviation: The GE Aviation tour will be Friday August 7th.  Please, fill out this doodle  if you want to attend. Again, only US citizens (including green card holders) are able to attend. At this plant, we design/assemble/test F404 engine, F414 engine, T700 engine (Apache and Blackhawk), new presidential helicopter, and many more!  Sign up ASAP!  This will be a fun group field trip. Alums are welcome too.

10 am Security Badges
10:30-12 Presentations
12-1 Lunch
1-2:30 tours

Boston Scientific Demo: We will have a tent we are sharing with FRC 4905 (Andromeda 1) and some FLL teams.  August 18th from 8AM to 2PM.  Boston Scientific has been a great sponsor for us and we really want to give back to them!  You should have received a G-calendar invite to this event.  We need to get names soon for badging purposes.

Boston Green Fest: Friday August 21st or Saturday August 22nd Scorpion demo: We have done this several times.  This might also be a good opportunity to clear out our remaining inventory of FIRST LED Light Bulbs.

Boston Children’s Museum TinkerTent on Sunday August 23rd.  It promises to be a whole lot of fun, with thousands of families filtering through and seeing our great work.  This year we will be joined by the MIT Media Lab, Einstein’s Workshop, The Design Museum, The Revolving Museum, Boston Center for the Arts, The Eliot School and more organizations.

BU FIRST Calender: Now that BUA students have official BU google email accounts I will be using g-calender to schedule our meetings and demos.  Please respond to your invites.