Coach’s Update March 24

Dear friends,
On Thursday March 31st we will be demonstrating our robot at Google at Robo Madness. This will be an exciting event with lots of the big names in Boston area robotics!
Our final event of the season will take place next weekend.
FIRST Robotics Competition Boston District event will take place from 4/2 – 4/3 at the Boston University Agganis Arena.  There will be 40 high school robotics teams competing at this event from all over New England.
The public agenda is a brief overview of what the competition schedule will be. FIRST Robotics team Overclocked of Boston University Academy will be competing and our match schedule will be released on Saturday (4/2) morning.
Additionally, there will be a FIRST Lego League Junior Expo (students aged 6-9) in the lobby of Agganis on 4/3 from 10am -2 pm. This is great opportunity for children aged 6-14 to see the FIRST programs they can join now.
If you can’t physically attend the event, the event will be live streamed here.
The team had a great spring break.  The students made it into the semi-finals at the North Shore FIRST District event at Reading High School, and won the Innovation in Control Award for great work on their robot’s vision tracking and automatic transmission.
Then it was on to UMASS Dartmouth where the team made it into the quarter-finals at the District event, and won the Engineering Inspiration Award for great outreach to the community including teaching classes with the Mass Pre-engineering program, running FIRST LEGO League Tournaments and workshops, and helping teach the BU College of Engineering U-Design summer camp.

And view photos from the event here:

The Engineering Inspiration Award entitles the team to present their portfolio of great work at the FIRST New England Championship in Hartford.  Unfortunately the team did not earn enough District Point to compete with their robot at the NE Championship.  A small group of students will probably travel to Hartford on Friday, April 15th to present to the judges.  This would not involve an overnight stay.
We have an opportunity to do a demonstration at the Cambridge Science Festival on Saturday April 16th.

Robotics Scholarships and How do I get my team to the Robotics World Championship?

We have an amazing group of seniors on the BU Robotics team this year.  They have built an amazing robot and have high hopes of attending great colleges and competing with their robot in the robotics world championship.

One of the things that I have to do as a coach is figure out how to get my team to the World Championship.  I am bringing one team to the VEX World Championship the third week of April.  My seniors have high hopes of attending the FIRST Robotics World Championship in St. Louis.  I can tell you, that I never again want to take the bus to St. Louis.  As much as I love the students, that is a 24 hour ordeal I do not want to repeat.  Affordable last minute flights are hard to come by.  While surfing the web, I just discovered a travel web sight I was not familiar with, Flight Network.

While surfing their page trying to figure out how to get my team to the Robot Championship I discovered that they have a $1000 scholarship.  One of my other duties as a teacher and a coach is to write letters of recommendation and look for internships and scholarship opportunities for my students.

So as  head’s up for my students (and other robotics students) I want to encourage them to apply for the Flight Network Scholarship.  If you have a 3.0 GPA you can apply for this scholarship. All you have to do is tell a travel story.  And I can tell you, on these trips with robotics students, there is ALWAYS a good story to tell.  To apply, just write a short story (500 to 1000 words) about your travel experience or topic (like a 24 hour bus ride and how next time you will fly to the championship).

Once you have written your story, submit it online at this link! Once you have uploaded your story, go to Twitter and mention @FlightNetwork, tweet a travel photo and use the hashtag #FNScholarship.  Then go to Facebook and post a travel photo with the hashtag #FNScholarship on Flight Networks Facebook page.

The deadline is December 31st, 2016 but I would encourage you to submit your photos and stories while we are at the robotics championship!

The winner will get a $1000 scholarship from Flight Network and will be featured on Flight Network’s blog!  So as we head out on the road with our Robot in April, please write a short reflection on our trip and submit it to Flight Network!

Great new Physics Discovery

Today they announced at MIT that they discovered Gravitational Waves.  This is exciting news that I have been waiting for since college.  I remember as an undergrad doing textbook calculations in my General Relativity class of how strong the waves would need to be to be detected.

Robotics Update Feb 11

Dear friends,

Crowdfunding: We are beginning our now annual fund raising campaign to help fund our robotics program.  This year we are using the Boston University Crowdfunding site.  I will be sending out a sample letter that you can send to friends asking them to contribute to the team.  If all members of the team (students and mentors) can send out a request to 24.6 friends over the next couple of days, this will kick us off!

Public Unveiling: Our robot is driving around and we are now working on the shooter.  The public unveiling of our robot will be on Thursday, February 25th at 4PM in the Sargent Gym.  I hope you can attend this celebration.

Permission Slips: A reminder, if you have not sent in a signed permission slip and a travel form, please download them and get them to me ASAP.  I need signed permission slips from both mentors and students if you plan to attend any of the events with us.

Hotel for Hartford: I have now made hotel reservations for the students and mentors in Hartford based on the assumption that we will qualify for the New England Championship.  Any parents who plan to travel with the team should make their own hotel reservations.   We will be staying at the Radisson Hotel in Hartford.  If you are booking a room, you can try using the Promotional Code  “USFIRS”

Practice Field: Thanks to the help of many mentors and parents, we have constructed a practice playing field in the Sargent Gym.  Several visiting teams from the Boston area will be using the field for practice.  We will also be sharing our lab and/or the field for extended periods of time with the teams from Josiah Quincy High School and Cambridge Ringe and Latin.

Coach’s update Feb 3

Dear Team and Friends:

Travel Forms: I have added some new forms that students AND mentors need to fill out for travel to the competitions. There is a travel form for April (in addition to the form for March). There is also an actual permission slip which needs a signature on it. Click here to download.

Please return these additional forms to me by Tuesday, Feb 9th. This is important as I need to make hotel reservations for the New England championship in Hartford. The travel expenses will be somewhere between $150 and $200 for the students for the three night stay.

Practice Field: Many thanks to everyone who helped up build the FRC Practice field this past weekend. A big shout out to our mentors, Joe V., Abdullhah, Yash, Sameer, Randy, Anand, Kostya, Barbi, Sam, Emily, and Jordan. And a super thanks to Aleks for leading our field construction effort. We plan to finish up the field this coming Saturday in the same location. 10AM at EPIC.   We are building a public field that we hope many local teams will stop on by to use. This is part of our outreach effort to the community as is supported by the BU College of Engineering, the Argosy Foundation and the AT&T Aspire Foundation.

The robot is going great. We have a video on YouTube of the chassis driving over our playing field parts. This Friday at lunchtime (11AM) and after school (3PM) we will have Driver Tryouts with the chassis.

Fundraising: This Friday at noon our Crowdfunding effort goes live. I will be asking all team members to start out by emailing at least 24.6 people to ask for their support of our robotics team!

Parent Meeting: The next parent meeting will be Tuesday, February 9th in my classroom at 8AM.

Robot Coach’s Blog Jan 18

It has been an exciting week with team Overlocked.  We ran a very successful VEX tournament last weekend and had a good crowd for our FRC kickoff.  You can view many photos on our Facebook page.

The team is actively working on our new robot, codenamed, Hungry, Hungry, Hippo.

A few notes:

Crowdfunding: This week we are kicking off our Crowdfunding campaign.  We will ask each member of the team to send out dozens of emails to friends and family.

Official FIRST Permission Slips: Students need to sign up to with an online account to participate. Students and parents can click here to sign up their child in STIMS.

FRC Events – District Events – BUA Travel permission slips

Please fill out this second permission slip so I know which students are traveling to the events in March.  The deadline for this permission slip is going to be February 1st.  This will enable us to coordinate travel to these events.

District Events start on a Friday at 5PM. They run all day Saturday and Sunday. You can find information about the district events at In general, they are not overnight events. No classes should be missed because of these events. We are attending 3 events:

  • North Shore District March 11-13: Middle of the BUA Break
  • UMASS Dartmouth March 18-20: End of the BUA break.
  • BU District Event: April 1-3:

Build Season

  • Lab Open Hours: The lab will be open weekdays from 3PM to 6PM and weekends and holidays from 12 noon to 5PM – the lab phone number is 617-358-3854
  • The build season lasts for 6 weeks
  • The build season ends on Tuesday, Feb 23rd
  • Expectations and Commitment: The time commitment for robotics is similar to a varsity sport. If students can commit to only a couple hours a week, they can still go with the team to the district events. However, in order to be part of the overnight travel team, Freshmen and new members of the team are expected to commit to an AVERAGE of 5 to 10 hours a week.
  • Robotics Calendar Click here – we can share this Google calendar with you
  • Volunteers – Mentoring – Let me know if you want to help

Dec 1 Coaches Blog FLL HELP NEEDED AND ANNUAL Review

Dear Friends,

Annual Review: I wanted to share with you the highlights of the previous season.  Our Annual Review contains some of our favorite photos from the past season, a summary of our awards and season highlights, a list of all of our generous corporate sponsors, and our expenses for the season.  Many thanks to Helena Pham for taking the lead on putting this together.

LEGO Tournament: This coming Saturday is our annual FIRST LEGO League Tournament.  This is a major all hands on deck event where we really need all students to help out.  Parent help is especially appreciated and still needed for running our concessions stand.   Please click on this link to volunteer to bring in some food for the event.  Please e-mail me if you can help out.

We will be setting up for the event from 2PM to 6PM on Friday.  If we have enough hands on deck, we will go home earlier on Friday.  On Saturday, we will start our morning setup routine at 7AM and I hope to have the floor swept by 5PM.  Please arrange for your children to stay until the end.  The more hands on deck, the sooner we can all go home.  We will have 24 Elementary and Middle School teams attending this event!

Parent Meetings:  As we move into the big robotics build season I want to try and have one parent meeting a month to help discuss how parents can help and be involved with the season.  I would like to have the first meeting in my classroom at 8AM on Tuesday, Dec 8th.  Topics to discuss: Planning our Jan 9th kickoff and support during the build season, and travel to our events in March/April.

Open Labtime: We should have the lab open on Monday and Tuesday of next week to work on our FRC off-season project and VEX robots. Then it is time for final exams.

Coach’s Blog Nov 19

Veteran’s Day Recap: Last week we held a great tournament for FIRST LEGO League, VEX, and VEXIQ.  You can check out all the photos on our Facebook page.  Many thanks to all of our volunteers!  We had 21 teams from 16 different schools in attendance.

FLL Outreach Workshop:This Sunday we will be holding a workshop for younger students on FIRST LEGO League teams.  We have 8 teams coming to visit us in the Physics Classroom where we will have two FLL fields set up.   We need 7 students to volunteer at this weekend’s FLL Workshop form 2-5 pm on Sunday the 22nd.  Pizza will be provided for you  Please, sign up on this doodle so we know if you’re free.

FRC Fabrication Training: On Friday the lab will be open for fabrication training.  So if you want to learn to use the drill press and the band saw stop by on Friday at 4PM as you are waiting for the Lock-In to start.

FLL Qualifier on Dec 5: Our next major tournament is the FIRST LEGO League tournament on Saturday Dec 5th.  Most BUA students should be here to help out with the Tournament.  We will have 24 FLL teams attending.

Open Lab Times:

  • Friday Nov 20: 3:30 to Lock-IN (Fabrication training and VEX work)
  • Saturday Nov 21: Lab closed because of Lock-In
  • Sunday Nov22 : Lab open 10AM until 1:30 when we will be doing setup for the FLL workshop.
  • Monday Nov 23: Lab Open 3-5PM
  • Tuesday: Lab Open 3-5PM

FRC Events: We are now also Registered for Dartmouth FRC District event which is March 18-20.

See all of our events on our calendar.



Robot Coach’s Blog

New Lab times: Going into the end of the semester the lab will now be open on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.  We have a lot of work to do, and showing up is key!

  • Tuesdays 3 pm – 5 pm
  • Fridays 3pm – at least 5 pm
  • Saturdays probably 10 am – 4 pm

Cleaning up the Lab.  This is really important.  On Friday and Sunday we will have visitors in the lab, so things have to be CLEAN.   This Friday T.I.S.P. will be doing some machine training in our lab between 2-5 PM.  This Sunday there will be an accreditation team coming through.

CAD Sessions: CAD session tonight (Tuesday) from 8 pm- 9 pm at the ECL lab.  Many thanks to Abdullah.

MASS PEP: I am still looking for a student to teach LEGO robotics on Saturday mornings.  This would be a paid position.  Please let me know if you are interested.

Boston Scientific: will again be sponsoring our team and has donated $3000 to Team Overclocked!  Many thanks!

Mathworks: Our new video camera and tripod arrived in the mail today.  Many thanks to Mathworks for sponsoring us!

Veteran’s Day Robotics Tournament Prep: We have 9 FLL teams, 6 VEX teams, and 6 VEXIQ teams currently registered for the event.  Please let me know if you would like to volunteer for this event.  We could use about 10 more adults to make this event work well.

We will be setting up for the Veteran’s Day tournament between 2PM and 8PM on Tuesday November 10th.  We will need a lot of help with this.  Please plan to stick around.

We open the doors at 7AM on Veteran’s Day and I hope to have the floor swept by 6PM.



Oct 22 Coach’s Blog

Dear Friends:

MassPep: We will be continuing to support the Massachusetts Pre-engineering program as part of our outreach efforts.  Last year we have several students who taught a weekend class on 2-3 Saturday mornings a month to middle school students at Roxbury Community College.  There is funding to pay for a stipend for 1 students (or 2 students to split the stipend).  Let me know if you are interested.

Fall Festival:  This Friday, as part of the BUA Fall Festival we will do demos of Scorpion in the gym.  So if you want a chance to drive an FRC robot, between 4PM to 6PM in the gym.

Mentor Training:  This Friday from 3PM to 5PM we will have a CAD training and introduction to FRC with Emily and Dr. Joe. (ECL 125)

Safety Training:  October 30th  2PM – location TBD (either the Physics room or the bot lab).  The Safety training is one of those few very mandatory events.  This training will be run by the office of Environmental Health and Safety.

Open Lab times for week of Oct 26-30:  Tuesday and Friday from 3pM onwards.

Nov 11: Veteran’s Day event: You may be getting an email from Gary or Leah asking you to help out with our Fall Tournaments.  We really do need all hands on deck to run these events.  They are a major outreach initiative for us, great publicity, and a source of revenue.

Crowdfunding:  Last year we dipped our toe into the waters of crowdfunding.  We are working with the BU Development office to launch a new Crowdfunding campaign this fall.  I am looking for several students to design our Crowdfunding site and video!  You can look at the BU Crowdfunding site to get an idea of what we want to create.

PTC Gold Sponsor: We received our first big corporate grant of the season from PTC for $2,500!  So many thanks to our first Gold Level Sponsor for the season.

BU ENG Sponsor: We are officially entered in the FIRST competition.  Many thanks again to the BU College of Engineering for paying our $5000 registration fee.  This has allowed us to compete in two district events.  We have now registered for the Boston University FRC District event on  April 1-3 and the North Shore FRC District event at Reading High School  on March 11-13.   The North Shore event is in the middle of the two week long BUA spring break.  Or at the tail end of the Boston University spring break.

Mathworks: Our second big corporate grant of the season comes from Mathworks and RECF (Robotics Education and Competition Foundation) for a new AV system to use at our tournaments.  Many thanks to Mathworks and RECF.

This past Monday  we had a great JAVA training workshop.  Many thanks to Paul for leading this.
On Tuedsay we talked about an FRC offseason project.

Students learn Java in FRC programming workshop